Small Arms Tactical, LLC, a FFL dealer located in Gaston, SC, was founded in 2021 by Lee Ellisor. We specialize in firearms, gunsmithing, NRA training, CWP training, ammo, reloading, tactical gear, accessories and more.

Small Arms Tactical may not be the largest gunsmithing and training facility in town, but we have plenty of experience and are able to give our complete attention to each and every customer. Having trained people of varying abilities, we know that not everyone is a firearms expert when they walk into our shop and there is no question we will scoff at. We help pair our customers with the firearm that suits them the best and meets their needs and requirements. We also offer a variety of accessories from holsters, optics, tactical gear and more to compliment your firearm. At Small Arms Tactical, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to firearm sales, transfers, repairs, modifications and training. We know that you’ve worked hard to earn your money and thank you for trusting us to take care of your firearms and training needs.

About Lee

Lee’s love for guns began at an early age. He was always outside wandering around with air guns, pellet rifles, shooting bottles with CO2-powered guns and making his own targets with copy paper. His old man would also take him target shooting frequently with his revolver or single shot 410 shotgun. And like most boys growing up in the South, that slowly transitioned into squirrel, deer and duck hunting as he got older.

Years later, Lee’s patience for hunting was at an all time low, but his love for guns and shooting soon grew into a affinity for watching movies like Rambo, Commando, Die Hard and the now great John Wick. After being inspired from watching Keanu Reeves training videos on YouTube, Lee became more active in shooting again by setting up shooting courses and environments similar to what he observed. That obsession soon turned into researching for local places that offer combat and and tactical training. Nothing caught his eye, so Lee began to broaden his horizon by traveling out of state and paid to receive advanced training by some of the most recognized people in the industry.

After talking with friends, Lee realized that many of them wanted to learn or improve their own shooting skills and be better prepared in emergency situations that would call on them to protect themselves or family members. As result, Small Arms Tactical was formed so Lee could put his training to use and share his knowledge and expertise with the public. He enjoys teaching people and gets satisfaction from watching them start with a beginner or intermediate level of shooting, and then quickly improve in seeing their groups tighter, with faster speed and their ability to transition between several threats. Lee also offers advanced but affordable training for law enforcement officers in order to help them become expert marksmen by getting better, faster, more accurate and safer in the process.

At the same time, Lee had been working with guns by tearing them down, rebuilding, changing out parts, making them faster and recoil less. After working with a few gunsmiths and gaining experience, he ‘hit the books’, pulled the trigger and gained a certification in gunsmithing and a license in firearms appraisal.

Lee Ellisor
Lee Ellisor, Owner
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