Combat Pistol Class

Are you worried about when the bottom drops out, and you are going to have to protect yourself or your family, and you know there is no help coming. Have you ever wondered what it was like to fire from a vehicle if you are in traffic and you have no other choice. These classes are not designed to give you information to operate within the current Federal or State laws. These are advanced classes and we expect you to know how to operate your firearm proficiently when you come to these classes. If you are being unsafe in any way you will be pulled immediately form the class and your payment will be forfeited. Background checks will be required, and will be submitted once you pay for your seat in the class.


  • 1,500 rounds of ammunition
  • Battle belt, proper holster, minimum of 2 extra magazines, 2 magazine pouches attached to your battle belt

Again, this class and the information taught in it is not to be taken as any type of law, or civilian situation. It is to be a simulation combat class.

$250 / Class / Student
1957 Highway 6, Gaston, SC 29053
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