Out of Home Defense II Class

Now you have your CWP, do are you prepared to use it? Do you know when it is legal to use your firearm?

These are things that will be addressed in this class. You will learn the laws that South Carolina has in place for you to legally use your firearm, IF the time ever comes. You will be shown drills to practice on your own to make you more proficient at moving around your place of work, restaurants, large meeting facilities, etc. safely and be able to increase the odds of you and your loved ones making it out without harm. Out of Home Defense II will be about places you are not familiar with. These are the next installments of three that we highly recommend to anyone who owns a firearm and is taking the necessary steps to prepare for the situations that we all hope never come but know are possible. Our law enforcement cannot be everywhere all the time, and if you live in a rural area, their response time could be even longer. Those minutes count and being able to defend your life and the life of those around you are paramount.


  • 250 rounds of ammunition
  • A reliable firearm, we have a gunsmith on staff, but he is also the trainer, and we cannot take away time from other students to repair a damaged pistol. Something I was taught a long time ago is, if you can afford it, bring a backup pistol with you just in case. If you don’t have a working gun, or enough ammo you may not be able to finish the class, and that responsibility lies solely on you. We do have a sales area where the classes are held so ammunition should not be a problem, but if you are using a caliber that is not common, we may not have it.


  • The class beings at 8am and can last until 5pm. It all depends on how everyone shoots, and any questions that arise during the classroom portion of the day.
  • Pack your own lunch as there are not restaurants close enough for you to be able to go there during our 30 minute lunch break.
$200 / Class / Student
1957 Highway 6, Gaston, SC 29053
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